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Are you still living in the days of Black Magic and hocus pocus SEO ?

Improve your brands visibility in Baidu China search, drive more traffic, optimise consumers interactive experience-
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SEO has changed, so should your approach

Introducing CEO - Consumer Experience Optimisation

Search engines have evolved from stupid, easily tricked beasts into ultra smart, near humanoids. Web site optimisation has evolved and changed with them.
Smart marketers know that unless they develop and optimise from the ground up for their customers they will be shut out of the market. Marketing in China today demands an holistic, cross platform, inter departmental approach creating a personalised, content driven, Consumer Experience Optimised culture.
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Optimisation for Modern China Marketing

Technical SEO

Technical SEO looks at the same areas as SEO has always done, including load speed, mobile friendliness.


Search engines look for freshness, relevance, consumer usefulness. Your content should answer questions users were searching for. If users consistently leave your site dissatisfied, search bots will demote you. Fabulous content is more than words: cartoons, audio, video, a wealth of opportunity awaits.


Baidu tends to be Googleesque with its own characteristics. For example, Baidu still respects Keywords. Optimising for Baidu can be confusing, even Chinese marketers don't fully understand it.
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Not to be Over Looked

User Experience - UX

An often neglected aspect. If your audience can not find their way around your site, if it is not easy to follow or understand, they leave. Search engines take this as a cue to demote you.

Team work

SEO is not a closed project, but rather demands a multi departmental, co-operative team approach where everyone has the same aim and is pulling in the same direction, especially for e-commerce success.
Rethink your idea of SEO and ranking, instigate a modern content orientated, Consumer Experience culture paradigm in your and your teams marketing strategy.

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We engaged Bicyu to help us with content developing and SEO of our website in China. We found them professional and experienced, they responded our questions very quickly. The SEO result is quite satisfying. We'd like to recommend them to whom is finding this service provider.
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Sodexo: Marketing Manager

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