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One Billion Consumers

China, a land of contrasts and contradictions. Massive urban development, assertive, modern thinking consumers, juxtaposed against the lower tier, rural regions with a more traditional, never-the-less, equally demanding consumer.
Yet even this is imprecise, top tier cities are sprongled with lower income workers, the rural regions home to uber-wealthy.

Success in these markets depends on 3 main points;
  1. An open mindset; some things in China work differently to how you expect.
  2. Human translated Chinese language website and content, optimised for Baidu
  3. Carefully segmented and targeted content communicates your respect and love for your consumer
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By a happy coincidence, Bicyu are experts in #3 & #2 but #1 you will need to supply yourselves.
Let's Make Love?

What's love got to do with it?

Love. A much overused and little understood phenomenon. Love between human and animal, father and daughter, lovers or brand and customer grows from understanding to respect and trust.
How can you win customers respect without understanding? If your marketing content is not what people want, what does that say about your understanding? Your respect? How can you expect people to love you?
Why would they buy from you?
A better user experience = better China business

Brand or Trademark?

Do you have a brand:... or a trademark?

We see a brand as something iconic, having stood the test of time, tide of cynicism and suspicion. It is memorable, trusted respected. A brand never rests on its laurels, is always listening to consumers, fostering and analysing conversations and real engagements that resonate with people.
A brand always retains people front of mind, everything it creates and releases is people centric, highlighting the values and promises customers buy.
It blends facts with emotions creating a defined, positive, lasting perception in customers’ minds concerning the qualities and attributes of the product identifying and distinguishing it from similar products.

Don't confuse your brand name [or trademark] with BRAND

Brand is the perception customers have about your product or service, confirming your creditability and positive impression, motivating the consumer to share your marketing narratives and buy your product. In a land of knock-offs, a brand is a beacon of trust.
Don't just settle for a trade mark, build a strong, vibrant brand that communicates your products to the Chinese consumer in way that will win hearts and minds.

The #1 branding tool in China is: WECHAT -don't leave home without it! learn more


Hello; We are Bicyu - Our Philosophy

We began as a common, legally registered 2 person, traditional research / marketing studio based in a 1 room Beijing apartment back in 2003. By correctly anticipating the growth and impact of digital and social media we were among the pioneers of Digital Marketing and enjoyed several years of steady business. Our global client base includes; VW, Sodexo, Cushmanwakefield, Midea as well as domestic SME's.
Feb 2017, we restructured, WPBeijing becoming known as Bicyu Digital Marketing.
Our mission: to inspire brands, just like you, to utilise their mobile data -erroneously named Big Data- to grasp the nuances behind the faceless "Customer" relating to them as humans, people, just like you. We mentor clients into crafting thoughtful, meaningful stories and experiences which resonate with their readers drawing on data and creativity to construct a passion fuelled relationship germinating customer love, loyalty and support. Whether professional partnership, High St store, E-com or local business, the battle for cash in the till will be fought, lost or won on mobile.
This means every detail in each piece of marketing material must not be just customer friendly but accurately segmented so it dovetails smoothly into their lives, like hand in a soft silk glove. It means couriering brand content that is relative, useful, adding value to customers life, developing personal engagements with consumers, on line conversations enabling us to win their minds and hearts, earn their respect, and love.
New media spawns new thinking; from every detail of your campaign, from strategy, planing, every customer touch point, Web Development, Content, Baidu, Apps; brand and customers working together. User Experience- UX- this is the Bicyu philosophy. Learn about Baidu Optimisation
People have changed the way they interact, with each other, with news, music, entertainment, relaxation and in particular, with Brands. People are now in love, en masse- with their mobile, electing what they want to do, see and hear, in their time.
Millions of eyeballs no longer glued to 6pm news, social media updates it afore it happens.~ Marketers need to respect potential consumer; no longer take their love or support for granted, to listen acutely, selectively, critically to comprehend what customers do and want; how we can fit into their lifestyle.
We know that much of this is falling on deaf ears, many brands will continue the arrogance of spamming with targetless and unwanted content. So be it, Bicyu is about passion, good taste, respect, love and relating to people with endearing quality content that SELLS.

Services -how we help you succeed in China

Full digital service: Strategy, Analysis, Web, App, Social, UX

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Marketing strategy

Branding strategy

Channel strategy

Content strategy

Data Interface strategy

User Experience


User Experience

Wechat Official Accounts


Development mode

Online community

Copy writing ( Multi language


Web development

SEO ( Google - Baidu)

Landing page

User Experience

Web analysis




Mobile APP

Data interface




Web analysis ( Google - Baidu)

User analysis

Practices Analysis

Semantic analysis


Database marketing

Inbound marketing


Our core methodology mix


Strategy is the head of digital operation

Content Strategy

Social Strategy

Mobile Strategy

Web Strategy

Cross-Screen Strategy


Tools are the hands of digital operation

Web Tools

SEO Tools

Social Tools

Mobile Tools

Event Tools


Data is the value source of digital operation

Traffic Analysis [ flow]

User Analysis

Conversion Analysis

Trend Analysis

Correlation Analysis


A Word About Customers

Aim2D Interactive Marketing selected client image

At Bicyu we discuss customers. A lot. Customer service, customer support, customer satisfaction, customer experience as of course do many marketing agencies.
What sets us apart is how we visualise and define "customers."
To us, customer is any and everyone with whom we interact, relate or in any way impact on directly, such as you, or indirectly such as your clients and prospective leads.
Everything we do, everything we create reflects this long sighted, holistic approach to our craft. From us to you and through your marketing funnel and audience touch points of our services, total CEO drives us:

Customer Experience Optimisation

because better User Experience equals better business in China.


Customer Stories

Team Bic

Team BicYu

Bicyu, Bicwho? Bicyu, flesh and blood people, real human beings, hard working souls, just like you, passionate about what they do.
Bicyu is a select group of partners scoping many talents, omni skilled providing premium China Digital experience for you and your customers.
User experience focus fuels us; serving business outcomes tied to business goals because better User Experience equals better business in China.

CEO Everlyne

Everlyne Yu: CEO

One of the WPBeijing founders in 2003, the YU in Bicyu, Everlyne brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of China marketing.
Strong advocate of SaaS, data and popular speaker | lecturer Webinar presenter

Kim: CTO

Kim: our "tech guy", since circa 2010. Experienced with most developer languages, Kim is most happy when building a robust data base or exploring AR and AI models. Optimum User Experience drives Kim

Laura: X Media

Passion for Fashion.
Laura runs our Social Media, but is really our Wechat Wonder Woman.
She has a personal interest in raising the profile and awareness of Chinese fashion designers and brands

Echo: Content Creative

Along with Everlyne and Laura, Echo heads up our content creation team. Echo has a strong, positive, captivating writing style. Her focus lays in things related to China business, especially finance and economics

A couple of people who you may not see so often,
but who round off our senior team:


Sharon: NZ Director

Sharon Bicknell looks after the NZ side of our operation, taking care of NZ Companies Office details, as well as financial director and company secretary


Peter: The Bic

leads from a customer oriented attitude of quality service and support to maintain Bicyu's ideology, values and standards. Husband, brother, father, trainer, actor, director, DJ.
HATES spam and boring, vaguely targeted content that fails to captivate users and develop love.


Bicyu has a strong community belief, we know that digital marketing changes quickly, what is "in" today is out of style tomorrow. Technology makes life easier, but for the busy marketing exec, it can also make her life a lot more complex. Our sister brand Shirt Sleeve Seminars provides on going training and development of your people.To help busy SME's or brand managers who may not have time for study we also present webinars, E-books, offer hints, updates, suggestions or news via our own social media as well as free support, advice and estimates.
Of course, all this has to fit in with our main objective, our clients, we know not all issues can wait till be get time to write an article or E-book. So if you have a burning question, problem or just want some -relatively- instant advice on marketing YOUR product or service in China, why not drop us a line? We want you to succeed in China and we will go the extra mile or three to help you do that, because, well, we hope you would use our service again, or at the very least, refer us to a colleague.
Bicyu works with partners to craft omni-channel communication channels, marketing strategies, digital creative, ecommerce, and UX solutions.

An interesting fact: around 90% of our work load is repeat biz or referrals~!



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Please note, Digital changes quickly, so our E-books should be consiered a ref only. Please ask us for current details and situation..

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