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Learning your way

Marketing Training:
How, When, Where you want it

Small groups, modules, seminars, workshops, or in situ mentor training.
Arm your team with information and knowledge that boosts their productivity.
We tailor training to suit your business and your people helping them produce marketing content your fans and customers will and share.

Make Training Fun

Training should be interesting and fun, that's how we learn best~

Everlyne Yu: Popular, knowledgeable, ceo  Bicyu digital marketing training / seminars china, Everlyne Yurespected authority, speaker, trainer, Co-Founder of Bicyu, CEO of Uengager, Arch Angel.
Bright, bubbly, personable, engaging, knowledgeable, Everlyne shares years of coal face China marketing experience and cutting edge skills making study fun and interesting

pick up an Angel

Pick up an Angel~

Angel img: 小胖 车

Best of both worlds
First class tutoring; premium marketing support.
Have an Angel watch over your team as they learn in real time.

Angels: experienced Bicyu Digital Marketing members skilled in Optimisation, Wechat, Content, Development.
Working in tandem alongside our Angels your team learn "on the job" practical skills valuable in future campaigns.
Lectures, workshops, are fine but we re-enforce this with hands on, REAL TIME practice guided by Angels.

Reserve your seat

Reserve your space now~

Don't let your team fall behind current trends

Digital changed marketing, MOBILE completely remodelled it.
To day, more than ever it makes sense to outsource part of your digital campaigns to stay abreast of technology.
But, it also makes sense to make sure your team are competent and comfortable using contemporary marketing techniques so you can maximise and optimise what they know, limiting your need for outsourcing to cutting edge technology.


Please talk to us for a free analysis of your business, your team and suggestions for how we can work with them to make them more productive. Seminars, workshops, small groups, one to one or REAL TIME Angel mentor training, we have a solution suited to your exact needs. Please call and chat with Everlyne in person.

NZ Registered Office:

9A South Road, Kuripuni, Masterton 5810, NZ
Company Name: BICYU DIGITAL MARKETING LIMITED Company Number: 6268694; NZBN: 9429046080950 Entity Type: NZ Limited Company

China Regd Office:

8/816 Flytown, 3 Yumin Lu, Houshayu, Capital Airport Development Zone, Shunyi, Beijing; Subway Line 15, Houshayu Station. Visitors very welcome, but by E-mail appointment please.

China West [Visitors] Office :

京海淀区清华科技园大厦TusPark B座 B1 层J; Building 1, TusPark B, Tsinghua Science Park, No.1 East Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100084 (Light Railway Line 13, Wudaokou Station, Exit A